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Metaverse – an extensive new business opportunity for the ICT industry

Metaverse integrates seamlessly virtual and physical living spaces by enabling control of physical space resources from virtual space, utilization of virtual space resources from physical space and sharing of the same experiences through virtual and physical participation.

EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) project

Main goal of the project is to improve understanding about the practical Metaverse ICT requirements, develop 5G Evolution/Advanced based communication and computing, real-time multi-user 3D Digital Twin, AR/VR/XR and blockchain technologies and solutions for Metaverse key features. The project will also implement test environments and proof-of-concepts which demonstrate the control and utilization of smart building resources and facilities as well as enable collaboration between users and environments both in physical and virtual spaces. Read more about the project.


EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) co-operation workshop on 29.08.2023

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