EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) co-operation workshop  on 29.08.2023

EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) project improves understanding about the practical metaverse ICT requirements and develops 5G Evolution/Advanced based communication and computing, real-time multi-user 3D Digital Twin, AR/VR/XR and blockchain technologies and solutions for metaverse.

The goal of the co-operation workshop was to share information about the latest EMETA and key co-operating B5G/6G and XR communication R&D activities.


Emeta workshop

Program (presentations in PDF-format):

12.00 – 12.05 Opening and goals of the workshop (Kyösti Rautiola/VTT)
12.05 – 13.05 Company visions; MediaTek and Sweco
13.05 – 13.25 Metaverse use cases, ICT requirements and system architecture (Timo Bräysy/Oulu university)
13.25 – 13.40 Introduction to Enabling Metaverse project R&D (Kyösti Rautiola/VTT)
13.40 – 14.20 coffee break
*product/tool presentations
14.20 – 14.35 6G Radio and Network enablers R&D in Hexa-X II project (Pawani Porambage/VTT)
14.35 – 14.50 XR communication R&D in 6G-XR project (Jarno Pinola/VTT)
14.50 – 15.20 Experimentation environments
* RadioPark Oulu (Heikki Huhmo/City of Oulu)
* Facilities in OAMK (Erkki Nuottila/OAMK)
* 5G/6G Test Network Finland (Kyösti Rautiola/VTT)
15.20 – 15.35 National metaverse strategy (Jani Vallirinne/Oulu university)
15.35 – 16.00 Discussion about co-operation possibilities and interests
* product/tool presentations
* networking

More information about EMETA co-operation workshop from:
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