To fulfil the main goal, following R&D activities are implemented:

  • Specification of metaverse key features, use cases, PoC’s for smart spaces, ICT requirements and system architecture
  • Development of concepts and solutions for 3D interactive multimedia communication, real-time physical-virtual synchronization and computing in cloud-edge-terminal continuum
  • Development of real-time, multi-user, and scalable 3D metaverse digital twin model of smart spaces, game engine based metaverse implementation and concepts, and methods to utilize drones as a platform for additional modeling
  • Development of AR/VR/XR solutions and Blockchain / NFTs based user identification, transactions, transparent management/purchase of properties and assets as well as access control
  • Experimentation of developed technologies and solutions by integrating test environments, and implementing Proof-of-Concepts


Image - Key of elements of EMETA use cases
Key of elements of EMETA use cases.


Image - Scope of EMETA R&D
Scope of EMETA R&D .
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